Navien Story


The No.1 boiler maker in Korea

No.1 market share in North America

The No.1 exporter for 26 consecutive years

No.1 market share in Russia

Based on annual turnover of local manufacturers/according to Financial Supervisory Service, 2016.     Condensing gas water heater / Condensing gas boiler, based on the BRG’s report in 2015.     Total export value-Korea International Trade Association, 1991~2016.     Based on the Livinchuk’s report in 2015

Korea's No.1 Boiler Company

KD Navien is a fast-growing company with a passion for developing highly efficient technology that helps decrease the emissions of Earth’s greenhouse gases. Since its establishment in 1978, KD Navien has developed Asia’s first condensing technology in 1988 and introduced condensing gas boilers to Korea in 1998. KD Navien has been leading the industry with our exclusive condensing technology.

The condensing technology of KD Navien has introduced the new paradigm for boilers and water heaters. The high efficiency and eco-friendly technology, well recognized by developed countries, has reduced energy consumption by 20% and cut down the emissions of greenhouse gases. With the cornerstone of our philosophy of implementing Eco-Friendly products KD Navien is bringing a brighter future.

Photo: World’s Largest Boiler Plant with an Annual Production Capacity of Two Million Units.

To Become a Leading Global Green Company

KD Navien has taken its advanced technology overseas into the largest consumer markets in the world, including North America, China and Russia. KD Navien is working hard around the world to become the global leader in energy solutions technology that can provide a cleaner and more comfortable living environment for all people.

No.1 market share in North America for condensing boilers and gas water heaters

KD Navien entered the American market in 2006. Although there was some resistance to introducing the product in the North American market, KD Navien had a vision and recognized their true market potential in the U.S. and Canada. In the last two years, we have grown to become one of the top three tankless water heaters in the industry and have captured the largest market share of condensing gas water heaters on the market.


Premium Bed Warming Mattress Topper Brand: Navien Mate

KD Navien, the top global boiler maker dedicated to bring comfort living, introduces a new type of boiler, Navien Mate Premium bed warming mattress topper. With our 40 years of technical experience and our principle for better and safer products, we now have created a new standard for hot water heating mattress topper to provide a pleasant warm feeling, a healthy sleeping environment, and also professional customer services and warranty services at our headquarter in America.

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