YES to a perfect nights sleep!

Get your best sleep ever when you warm up your bed to the perfect temperature with Navien Mate.

Navien Benefits

Natural, Sensible, Warmth

Nature knows how to provide warm Navien Mate. Radiant heating is simple, safe and natural. Artificial heat from electricity exposes your mind and body to electric radiation in the form of EMF waves. This can cause difficulty getting to sleep, stress, disrupt your bodies normal processes and can be physically harmful.

The Elegant Way To Achieve The Perfectly Healthy Sleeping Environment You've Been Searching For.

Dual Temperature Control

Everyone has an ideal temperature that fosters the best sleep. Navien Mate features two zones of personalized temperature control. The Dual Temperature Control (DTC) system manages separate heating elements for left and right sides of the bed warmer. In one heating solution, two people can have custom control of their ideal sleeping temperature.


Slim and Light

This bed warmer is ultra-slim and can fold up and be carried with its heating unit in a duffel bag. You can use it anywhere in your home or take it with you. Wherever and whenever you desire natural warmth, your Navien Mate can be there.


Quality Without Compromise

We'll solve any problems with our products for the first two years.


Clinically proven to give you a better night sleep

See our brochure on how the Navien Mate EQM 580 improved the sleep quality of participants by 26%

See the study results when you download our brocure.

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